Frieda exhibited!

And it all started on Instagram.

Last weekend I, well, my work was exhibited for the first time. One of the portraits from my series inspired by Frieda Kahlo's style has been accepted and shown as a part of FRAME15 project. And the whole thing happened in Impact Hub Birmingham. What a great honour to be amongst such fantastic artists.

So, first of all here's the print hanging:

And print with me:

The shooting wouldn't be possible without Eva Mevinsky , a make-up artist and also in this case - a model. She styled herself and I shot.Despite make-up I kept it natural, with natural light. And the whole thing started on Instagram, when Eva shared her picture with enormous earrings and I wrote a comment: "You look just like Frieda. Let's shoot Frieda, I always wanted to!". So we did.

The original, much better quality:

The result was much above our expectations: the picture was appreciated so many times on many sharing websites, not to mention Dark Beauty Magazine, and the exhibition of course. 

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model: Lauren Stevens / http://www.shynature.blogspot.co.uk/

This time I had a pleasure to work with amazing Lauren - fashion blogger. We were shooting in Birmingham canals and city centre area. Here's what we've done despite rain:


Film photography

I love film photography. I love it for a long time - film cameras were my first ones and it was probably the whole magical process connected to film photography that made me become intersted in photography at all.

And because of all this love I have decided to invite you for a project. I need a model for a film photography shooting - fashion, outdoor one. As usual, I am looking for an experienced, slim & tall, beautiful model with knowledge how to pose. The project will be done in medium format film, therefore I will need a model to cover costs of materials (about 30 pounds for film and developing). I am willing to shoot in TF basis.

What will be a profit for you? First of all, you will get very unique, beautiful pictures. In the same time we will shoot also digital version, as a form of compensation and as a support in case something goes wrong (it shouldn't but we never know, it is different with film). I am experienced professional and if you are reading this you probably know my portfolio already and you know it's worth it. I'll do my best so we could create something amazing together.

If you're interested in participating leave me a message: aisablri@gmail.com or take a look at my website (there's also contact page). As usual, I am based in UK, Birmingham. I will be happy to answer all the questions.