Small succes

Today I'm sharing my small succes with you: ScorpioJin website has decided to feature my work and promote my portfolio! At first I couldn't believe the news, but here it is:

As they say about themselves: Scorpio Jin is a non-commercial, promotional website which focuses on various forms of art, including Music, Art, Photography, Fashion, and Film. Founded by Keran Look Loy in January 2013, the goal of this entire project is to make the world aware of rising talent and to bring such individuals together in one forum where they can collaborate and initiate some of their best creative works.

I am very honoured to be a part of it! Thank you, ScorpioJin for choosing me! Portfolio there looks amazing.
You can chack the whole article on link above, you can also visit my facebook page for more of my works: http://facebook.com/basiapawlikphotography

and follow me in instagram: http://instagram.com/aisablri


News, news, news!

Since today Poland's got a new equal opportunieties ombudsman: professor Małgorzata Fuszara.

While I've been working as a photographer for the Congress of Women (http://www.kongreskobiet.pl/) I had an unique chances to attend many meetings and conferences where phofessor was one of the speakers. It was a great pleasure to meet, hear and take pictures of her. 


(these below are just few of many)  


Basia - who am I?

I never thought before about writing abot myself, to be honest, for such person as I am it's rather hard. I always believed, that pictures speak for themselves, so why bother anyone about me? But since I'm starting to continue with blogging seriously, I feel like you need to get to know me first. Well, only some basics for the beggining.

Who am I?
When anyone asks me about it I'm alway answering: I'm a photographer, that's pretty obvious. My name is Basia, which is shot form of Barbara, Polish form as I am Polish, born and raised (and what is more, born in communism). I've finish political studies with journalism elements in Jagiellonian University in Cracow and got a master degree. After that I started cultural and photojournalism studies in Warsaw. Since December 2012 however I don't live in Poland, but in Birmingham, UK. What will be next - time will show. From that time I did many things, mostly trying to survive anyhow, in rather hard physical work in a factory. Two months ago I started with some photographic work and now I am still looking for assignements and freelancing.
Being a photographer might be challenging, but it's the best thing that had happened to me.

So what about photography?
It was always my obvious interest. My parents used to have few soviet traditional cameras and while being 4 or 5 year old I used to play with them without a film, just pretending that I'm taking pictures. Each year on holidays I was asking about taking one or two shots - films and developing were really expensive. So finally, when I started high school and turned 15 I got my own, soviet as well, camera, Zenith 11. I had to be very carefull as I had only 36 photos to take on one film. It was the best way to learn photography, and I still think the same, because it thought me awareness, patience and not wasting trials for many not valuable pictures.
While starting studies in Cracow I became more and more serious abot photography, started to watch good artists and their work and think critically about mine, but I never dared to let it to my mind that I can acually BE a photographer. My subjects of interests were very simple: reflections, some compositions of nature and every day use objects, streets of Cracow, some self portraits and finally people close to me. With people there was always a problem - I was extremely shy, so it had to be someone I already knew well. And after a while, when I was finishing my studies, I started to shoot with models, fashion, portrait and beauty photography. It was a great discovery and is still my favourite one to do.

That's just the first part of everything. Hope you enjoyed.