Picture of the day: Aurelia

Classic for today. My own classic.

This is a small shooting I did in Warsaw, July 2012. No big crew, just me and the model, hidden in paths and bushes of Vistula river neighbourhood. You may say: nothing interseting, but it's one of those shootings that were most succesful in my portfolio.

Here's Aurelia:

model: Aurelia Pomałecka


Photographers workshop: how I made this picture?

Today I will tell you a little bit more about one of my oldest, yet still one of the most successful pictures I made in the begining of my photographic career - picture of Manuela.

First thing I need to say: I was very lucky, as the begginner. At that time I used to cooperate with great people - make-up artist Jovanka and stylist who always took care about all shooting organisation, Marcin Urzędowski. My model, a real professional, wrote to me by herself, so imagine what a compliment, such model wants to work with me! And she came to Cracow for especially for me!
To be honest I wasn't experienced in studio back then. I don't think I ever did any studio shooting at that time. Fortunately we had our home made ring flash with continuos lighting - few strong light bulbs attached to ... metal circle taken from the drum. Yes, the drum. It's still one of my favourites lights, very soft, allowing to do close, climatic portraits. It affects white balance (it's very worm type of light), so you need to work on it during post production. And it's hard to make a full body shot with this type of light, even though my ring is very big.

As a background we used a patterned piece of material found in one of locals second hand shops (there are lots of them in Cracow, especially in Nowa Huta area where I used to live, and they are all extremelly cheap!). First we shot outside, it was February, so cold made us to go back inside, but both of us - the model and me, were wormed up to shoot. We did a lot of portraits, I used to have few in my portfolio, but this one was always best and finally - still is.

Editing wasn't strong. I retouched skin, which is always basic, I've changed white balance, and after some time in second retuch I played a little with colour toning. You probably know, if you've seen my pictures, that I am a big fan of cold tonning. Last thing - I shot with Sony camera, Alpha200 with Minolta 50/1,7 lens.
This is basically all.

model: Manuela Hussein
make-up & hair: Jovanka
stylist: Marcin Urzędowski

You can find polish version on Polish Photographers Club website.


Photo of the day: Dobrochna

This is an old shooting I did in Warsaw, in August 2012. Believe me or not, we shot just outside my block of flats, in the city centre of one big, still communistic in architechture capital. This few bushes can't even be named as a park - but place is not so important, as long as you can show it properly on you picture. That's what I think, that's what I have to do very often.
What is more: it was the middle of summer holidays, but the rain was pretty bad that day. And it was cold. I love when my models are flexible enough and don't mind to get wet or cold, but I hate to make them suffer. Fortunately Dobrochna was great.

model & stylist: Dobrochna Rawicka / Difriperi
make-up: Jola Uzolnik

By the way: Dobrochna is a great stylist. You can check her out here .

Of course, I've got few other pictures from this shooting. This one is my personal favourite.



Beauty - Nicole

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Today I am proudly presenting you a picture I took in December 2011. Back then I din't have enough abilities to retouch it the way I wanted it to look like. Few days ago I checked it again and made it finally how I dreamed about it before. Here's the result:

model is my friend: Nicole Muleo Mbongo
We didn't have a make-up artist or hairdresser. It was a simple studio shot with some basic lightning, made at home. I've used black background and that's it.

You probably wonder how did it look like before?
So, here's the previous version I edited after taking the picture:

seems that people like new version

it's popular and highly rated on 500px.com: